Tesla’s 21st Century Prophecies

Scientist Nikola Tesla, one of the greatest exponents of the past century, says that in 2035 the secretary of the Environmental Protection Agency will be even more important than the US president.

Tesla, a Yugoslav scientist who pioneered the discovery of electricity, shares prophecies about the 21st century in an interview with Liberty magazine in 1937.Tesla claimed that “Edison, Stainmetz, Markoni, and others would be impossible to send a signal over the Atlantic Ocean wireless, but I do not make too much wrong if I try to predict how life will be in the 21st century, says.


According to the interview, the inventor and engineer Tesla predicted the importance of the United States Environmental Protection Agency, which will be established 35 years after his death. Tesla’s short name is EPA, which describes the agency in those years as the Hygiene and Body Culture Agency:
“Hygiene and physical education will be recognized as part of government policies, and the Secretary of the Hygiene and Body Culture Agency will be more important than the US president in 2035. Air pollution in New York will be a dimension that we do not have for our fathers to think about, ”

“Thinking machines”

Tesla began to take care of robotics in the 1880’s and astonished everybody with his wireless remote control ship. In those years, ‘smartphones’ became a messenger too.
Tesla says about robot intelligence:
“We have to teach what we have to do, not the destruction of the machine, everything we do today will make robots in the future, the slaves will do the robots, and the machines will take the place of the handmade works.” Scientists are now trying to ‘think machines’ in the labs. ”

Milk and Cereal in Luxury Restaurants of the 21st Century

Tesla also estimates the nutritional habits of 21st century people. 80 years ago, he became a reporter of organic food:
“At the same time tea, coffee and tobacco will not be very popular either, but alcohol will always be attractive: in India and China millions will be enough wheat for food needs, and worn-out soils will be chemicals Natural foods such as milk, honey, and cereal will be the main foods that are preferred in the evening for even the most luxurious restaurants in the 21st century. “Drugs will not be destroyed by criminal practices, only harmful substances will not be poisoning the body.

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