Republicans can not Support Trump Anymore

American President Donald Trump is once again on the agenda as he writes in social media and is the target of criticism arrows.

US President Donald Trump is once again on the agenda as he writes in the social media, the target of criticism arrows. Trump is charged with messenger and morning programmer Mica Brzezinski for sex discrimination.

In Trump’s tweets, he wrote:

Mike Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough speak badly about me, but I am not watching anymore, but how is it that I am a psycho with a low-minded mad Mika Joe comes to Mar-a-Lago for 3 days in a row I did not accept because Mika’s face was still bleeding because of the new cosmetic surgery she had done. ”

Lois Frankel, a member of the Democratic Party of Floridian, reacted to the press conference with women working on his team, and said:

“I call him ‘the head of the cyber-bully.’ He once again embarrassed our nation with his damn tits, each time the president shows reverent sexism, disrespect towards women and the press.”

Rep. Paul Ryan of the House of Representatives spokesman also challenged Trump this time:

“Of course I do not think these comments are appropriate, and I think that we are always trying to bring the tone of the discussions here to a more advanced and civilized spot, and of course these messages do not help.”

Republican Lynn Jenkins responded, “I do not find what’s right, and I have been exposed to comments many times because of my appearance as a woman. Tweet in the form of.

Republican Lindsay Graham said in his social media account that “Mr. President did not make sense to me, and he represents what is wrong in the country, not the size of America.”

In addition to Ryan, other Republican names reacted to Trump’s tweets from his social media accounts.

Trump seems to continue to create controversy with social media messages.


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