Introducing “Rise” TV Series

One of the new productions for the 2017-18 season will be the drama series Rise. Michael Sokolove, who had previously written in the New York Times magazine, appeared in the face of readers with a novel study. The TV adaptation of the novel named Drama High is now approved by NBC. Jason Katims will sit on the developer’s chair for the TV adaptation of the series, which plans to transfer the drama line into an infinite loop. Already in The Path, About a Boy, Pure Genius and Parenthood productions we saw him in the technical team. This time we will collaborate with Jeffrey Seller and we will all see the fate of the cool that will emerge.

Although many details have already been finalized, NBC is extremely sensitive about presenting series information. Flody Co Productions, Universal Television and True Jack Productions will use the single camera system in production. It would not be wrong to say that with support from the development stage, Flody Suarez and Michelle Lee integrate the name with the knee. Even if the NBC made the statements with great care, we can say that many players have already become definite through social networks. The Rise series of players, who are described in terms of different leaks and confessions of the players, are really successful names.

For example, Ted Ii Josh Radnor of the How I Met Your Mother series is described as the lead actor. Apart from getting a huge audience here, Ted Sutherland, Marley Shelton, Damon J Gillespie, Shirley Rumierk, Auli’i Cravalho and Taylor Richardson keep on attracting attention. If the player succeeds in projecting his story to us as much as he is attracted by his cadre, he will probably succeed in giving the 1st season of Rise.

In a classic hope scenario we will see the character of Lou Mazzuchelli, which presents an opportunity for people who are not expectant in the Rise series. Josh Radnor will portray himself. For Lou, who started living in a mediocre town as a theater teacher, everything is ordinary. But the situation is somewhat different in the town school where he starts to serve.

People like Lou can dedicate their lives to a certain point is a great hope for the townspeople. At the very least, students at the school will have an extra exposure to Lou and the theater. For them it means a great way to win, and for Lou it means a great deal. Lou Mazzuchelli, who has become an obsession with Lisa, focuses on keeping all the negativities of life behind. There is no doubt that the Rise series is a worthy success story.

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