Apple, Switches to 3D Face Recognition Technology!

Technological progress continues without slowing down. After Apple’s fingerprint scanner, it is now introducing 3D face recognition technology to its users.Today’s technology world, where developments are pushing the boundaries of our dreams, is surprise every day.Increasing competition in the sector contributes to the creation of devices with incomprehensible technologies and designs.Apple, one of the giants of the technology industry, aims to be ahead of its competitors with its new weapon.

Apple brought the fingerprint sensor to the user with the iPhone 5S. Apple’s new release, the iPhone 8, is expected to feature 3D face recognition technology. Well, according to the leak, what brings this innovation to the mix that Apple’s market can confuse? Now let’s take a look at this innovation that is expected to come with the iPhone 8 model.

Apple bought RealFace in February!

Israel-based RealFace, founded in 2014, is known as an initiative to develop face recognition technologies. Apple was told to pay for “a few million dollars” and add RealFace to it in February. Microsoft Lumia 950 XL, HP Elite X3, and Note 7 are also facial recognition features, combined with these rumors, it is almost certain that the iPhone 8 will have 3D face recognition technology.

Fingerprint Sensor Can be Fully Deprecated!

These rumors, which began circulating on the market and matched by what Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has spoken, have already managed to excite Apple users. Users who did not meet the expectation of the iPhone 7 had their hopes left for the iPhone 8. It was predicted that the sensor with this model, which will be driven to the market with great expectations and innovations, would be buried in the back.

But according to new leaked information, the 3D face recognition technology expected to come with the iPhone 8 may cause the fingerprint sensor to be completely removed. Of course, this can lead to various problems in authentication.

The Last 2 Months to Decide on the Authentication System!

Although Chinese manufacturers have completed the demos of the integrated fingerprint sensor on the screen, both Samsung and Apple are not looking at this feature in terms of usability and security risk. In order to get the iPhone 8 ready for release in September, Apple’s time is getting shorter.


Both companies seem to be more cautious in driving these models to market. This means that the new models will be delayed a little longer. So, will the Apple iPhone 8 be able to hit the patch with new add-ons?

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