22-Year-Old Promising Young Entrepreneur make A Giant Project to Save the Oceans

Many young people around the world; While trying to get around the corners and try to be much more impressive around people, some of the heroes in them are trying to save the world.

The youngest millionaires in the world may have succeeded in gaining profit with the games they created and with different projects, and becoming heroes of their families and their loved ones. But Boyan Slat, a 22-year-old Dutch man who succeeded in announcing his name with a project aimed at saving the world’s beauty, became the hero of every living creature and every living creature on this beautiful planet.

Despite his young age, Boyan Slat has been challenged by the Intel Eye 50 in 2013 as the world’s most promising entrepreneur. Now, this young entrepreneur in Holland has set up a foundation called The Ocean Cleanup, aimed at helping the living creatures in the oceans and their structures survive a clean life. It has created a project that will completely clean up the wastes floating on the oceans with the foundations that it has established and is currently looking for billionaires to support this successful project.

Let’s take a look at this young hero’s project to save the oceans:

Cleaning the Oceans How Much Will it Cost?

Boyan Slat is taking a giant step with this unique project to be able to change the world literally. He has been running very successful projects since 2013 with the foundation named The Ocean Cleanup. This young Dutchman, who succeeded in announcing his name to the world with his signature Mega Expedition, Pilot Program and Ocean Cleanup Survey Mobile Application last year, attended the Oil Fair in Norway to find financial and technical support for the project of cleaning the oceans from plastic wastes. Slat succeeded in getting more attention from Fuarda than oil companies; That the money needed for the project to be realized is 150 million euros and that the oil companies need the knowledge and technical know-how at the same time.

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