Monthly Archives: July 2017

This Leech is a Gene Thief!

“Elysia Chlorotica” is doing photosynthesis by stealing photosynthesis genes in algae consumed as leech nutrients In the latest research by Rumpho and his colleagues, they have sequenced the chloroplast-related genes of Vaucheria Litorea (leech’s favorite food).┬áThus, we have also shown that the genes necessary for

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About Syria from White House

White House National Security Adviser Herbert R. McMaster said that the US agreement on Russia indicated that the southwestern truce would take place at 12.00 local time today and that the conflict areas would be a priority for the United States and that this agreement

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Apple, Switches to 3D Face Recognition Technology!

Technological progress continues without slowing down. After Apple’s fingerprint scanner, it is now introducing 3D face recognition technology to its users.Today’s technology world, where developments are pushing the boundaries of our dreams, is surprise every day.Increasing competition in the sector contributes to the creation of

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