10 Technology Trends that will Change the World in 2017

The years of mobile devices and applications, social and connectivity technologies have not slowed down over the past year and it is clear that we will see the most significant innovations in these areas in 2017. In addition, the internet environment of driverless cars, drones, helper robots, artificial intelligence and internet of things will continue to change the world with increasing reality and virtual reality in 2017.


The most heavily engineered technology in the media during the year 2016 was undoubtedly smartphones, applications, newly developed auxiliary robots, drones for different purposes, and, of course, driverless cars driven by Google. Much of what we talked about is not found in our lives yet. 2017 is the year that this breakup will take place.

Technologies that will fundamentally change the lifestyle of individuals and companies, according to experts at the Related Digital Group company, which offers everything from technology to design to strategy to strategy to operation; It will also affect consumption habits and new opportunities for digital marketing will arise.


With more than 15 years of experience, the Related Digital Group, which is among the world’s first digital marketing service providers, anticipates 10 technological developments that have made significant progress over the last few years and will change our lives directly and indirectly in 2017:

1.Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things (IOT) is a very important change in our lives. IoT, which makes it possible to connect all the devices and products we use to each other and to the internet, will be able to manage the objects independently from time to time. It is not just personal items; It will also apply to automobiles, water meters, irrigation fountains and street lamps. For the Internet of Objects that will use many technologies, we will make use of the possibilities in the field such as voice and image recognition, sensor and near field communication. In 2017, the increase in the place of our intelligent goods in our lives will also create significant opportunities for digital marketing.

2.Drones and Helper Robots

The drone, which entered our life as a toy about 10 years ago and whose commercial use has been recognized after hobby, will be the star of 2017. The announcement by Amazon of the drone’s deliveries encouraged many companies. Tests made also gave positive results. Cargo companies have also rolled their sleeves for delivery with drone. Many countries are moving to legal regulation for drone, which is used professionally in film shooting and for military purposes. Wheeled versions of the drone’s were also developed. Robots intended for short-distance delivery may also be used as personal assistants. Resident robots working in homes with voice communication, controlling household goods and receiving information will be among the most talked-about trending technologies in 2017, creating new marketing opportunities for brands

3.Driverless Cars

Both are more comfortable and work on driverless systems for safer travel by avoiding human error. In the past year, tests were carried out in many countries. Moreover, not only for passenger cars; Minibuses, buses, vans, and even tunnel concepts were studied. It is planned to apply this year in the USA for a driverless taxi. We will start to see driverless trucks and trucks on the roads this year. Although there are no concrete studies on this subject in our country, examples will be revealed in our country as well as in the developed countries.

4.Flexible Screens

One of the many technological issues that have been spoken over the past few years is the flexible screens. Sony, LG and Samsung have a lot of concrete work in this regard. In 2017, flexible display products will be on display in the market. Flexible displays that are likely to be used in most electronic devices will be especially applicable to mobile phones, tablets, e-book readers and other similar consumer electronics products. Thanks to the twisty interface it will be possible to fold the phone or tablet and put it in the bag or pocket. Flexible screens will create significant opportunities for brands to create new sales and marketing models.

5.Financial Technologies

One of the sectors adapting hardware and software developments to products and services is banking. Finance technologies are becoming increasingly important in our country and in the world. The developments in this area, called Fintech, will influence life more deeply in 2017 by the way corporations and individuals work. The fact that banking transactions are done in a more comprehensive manner via websites and mobile applications has recently come to the forefront in Turkey. Over the past year, more than 50% of credit applications were made over the internet. Most of the financial transactions of individual and institutional customers, especially banking transactions, entered a market that we would be able to do directly on the internet without going to the bank branch.

6.Sound and Image Recognition Technologies

The technology that greets you in the call center that you call on the phone and that makes you want it has improved a lot over the years. Siri, used by Apple five years ago, is based on voice recognition of the user’s commands and voice response again. In the meantime, he has made significant progress. New practices will continue to evolve as the so-called natural language search (whatever you say – not just trigger commands) – then your phone or car understands and responds to your intentions.

In 2017, voice recognition and image recognition technologies in the future mean new opportunities for brands to communicate. These technologies are of great importance for developing new methods in the field of digital marketing.

Similar developments also apply to image recognition. A significant milestone in image analysis has been recorded and 2017 will be the golden age of this technology. The ad panel will understand your gender, age, clothing style, and will show ads for you. Important applications of image recognition in the field of security will also be possible in the near future.

7. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

Certainly, one of the most discussed technological issues of the past year was truly Augmented Reality (Realized) and Virtual Reality. These two technologies, which are rapidly expanding in the fields of education and entertainment, will also contribute to the commercial and social region. In 2017, companies will see significant investments and amazing applications in the Realms and Virtual Reality fields. We can say that brands are already showing great interest in these two technologies. We will see very striking applications in digital marketing in 2017.

8.Artificial Intelligence

All the technological trends in this list are all related. But artificial intelligence stands out as one of the most popular technologies among others. We have been working in this field for a long time, making investments but we have started to see applications that make a difference in the coming period. For the artificial intelligence that learns, develops and works like a human brain, remarkable improvements have been recorded over the past year. Technology giants such as Apple, Google, Facebook, Microsoft and IBM have come together to identify and articulate the AI strategy. In addition to product development, artificial intelligence is expected to provide significant contributions to the marketing world as well. It looks like 2017 will be the year of artificial intelligence. The artificial intelligence that will bring the end of some professions and the machines it runs will be the most important carrier of “Economy 4.0”.

9.Geofencing Technology

The cellphone usage rate in the world, the computer is in the past. The location-oriented technologies that we started to see more of the examples on cellphones with the applications that offer the developing hardware and new options have become more valuable nowadays. Geofencing, which means using GPS and RFID (radio frequency identification) to define a defined geographical boundary, is especially important for marketers. Mobile user-oriented marketing within a specific geographic area is becoming more valuable to both advertisers and users. With geofencing, both e-commerce and retailers can reach them through messages or e-mails when a customer is in a certain location. Geofencing is becoming important in marketing as well as in emergencies and social practices.

10.Wearable Technologies

Wearable technology that is beginning to take place in our lives with intelligent watches and smart wristband products is still in its infancy. Google’s smart glasses The work of Google Glass for several years did not provide the expected lift, unfortunately. One of the basic tasks of the wearable technology devices is to transfer the data gathered through the sensors directly to the cloud over the phone and internet to facilitate life in health, entertainment, business and similar everyday areas. This information includes many options such as step-by-step, weight gauge, social media, sending and receiving messages, remote talk, calendar control, music broadcasts and photo shoots. Wearable technology products include accessories such as necklaces, bracelets, rings, as well as watches and wristbands, and it is also highly likely that smart lenses will come soon. Wearable technologies will bring alternative advertising, marketing and sales methods.


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